Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's a dad good for anyway?

I truly have a wonderful wife.  When we had our son together on New Years Eve 2008 I found out what a wonderful mom she is too.  She takes care of easily 90% of the issues regarding our son.  It was way over 90% during the beginning stages of life because we choose to nurse the baby.  Really the only thing I had to do in the first year was change diapers and assist with the late nights (which in our case, there were very few.)

So I ask the question, what is a dad good for anyway?  Mom feeds, clothes, cares for, plays with, chauffeurs and all around takes care of the baby.  I guess the obvious reason a dad is around is to provide for, or at least provide for the mom so the mom can in turn provide for the baby.  I take that duty quite seriously and I try to provide nicely for my family. 

But it seems like a light duty compared to what a mom has to go through.  What else can a dad do.  Well, I've got a good idea.  I have included a few videos to describe a skill that will empower my son for his whole life. 

That's right.  Pick up lines.  He needs to know.  And let's face it, what else could I teach him that his mom hasn't already taken care of.  Nothing.  He's set... well, after a full compliment of pick up lines he'll be set.  I love showing April the fruits of my labor only to see her roll her eyes and acknowledge "this is what a daddy is for."  Darn straight!  So to all of you dads out there, be empowered.  We are all good at it!  I mean, how else did we land the wives we have?  Somehow we convinced our wives to marry us.  How did that first date come about?  Naturally, a pick up line of some sort.