Saturday, February 5, 2011


So in my last post it was pretty clear that I lost the dad of the year award.  And so early in the year...  Well, I think it's time for some reconsideration.  Everyone knows that I am not much for tooting my own horn... actually I'm probably the first person to "toot my own horn" so this is will be about par for the course.

There has been some serious weather issues here in DFW, the super bowl is in town and April is out of town.  Normally this would mean that I am "bachen" it but I have David, so it's more like "single fathering it."  The two are similar... in no way.  Being a bachelor means you have no responsibilities.  Being a single father means you have all the responsibility.  That being said, I submit the following photo to the "Dad of the Year" award for reconsideration:

Sure it's not the best picture of my son, but it proves a good point.  The kid is ALIVE!  I've done it.  Recall an earlier blog of mine where I demonstrated what good a dad is.  I taught David some pick up lines because that is all there is left for me to do.  April spends most of her time with David.  When she's gone and Daddy is in charge I have him 100% of the time.  And he's alive!  I have accomplished so much.  Now look closer.  He even matches!!  April is normally in charge of his wardrobe and I admire how cute he ends up.  In this scenario, he's prepared for the outdoor elements and he matches.  Go me.

So what all happens when mommy is away?  Well, we get to do all the things that would normally be frowned upon in this establishment.  We get to use knives when we eat, we eat hot dogs, we learn to jump from a small slide to the top of the couch and we get to pick up snow without wearing gloves. 

So what if he has a split lip and unidentified scratches on his face.  He is in good shape all around.

To all of the people that read this who don't have kids (Matt) and wonder, "man, is that really worth it?"  I submit this one comment.  Normally, David calls for his mom when he's in his bed and doesn't want to be.  However, tonight he was babbling while he was going to bed and I heard him yell out, "I love my Daddy."  There really isn't anything better.  All the work, all the time, all the effort and all the sacrifice are totally worth it because of moments like that.

So to sum up, I have done what any other good father would do in my situation.  So I'm not too sure if I am a real candidate for "Dad of the Year" but I feel like my previous indiscretions should be negated.

Oh, and to further my point, look at the conditions I had to deal with.

There's a curb and a yard somewhere under all of that snow.  Seriously, go me.


  1. No one ever gets it until they have kids and a few still don't get it after either.

  2. This is HILARIOUS. I read it twice and laughed both times. Out loud. You certainly should be father of the year. The kid looks like he could be in a clothing catalog!